Authentic Veganism

Authentic Veganism: The Journal for Macrobiotic Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life

Authentic Veganism           (ISSN 2519-5905)

Authentic Veganism:

The Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life

A nouveau journal initiative of the Authentic Vegan Organisation, dedicated to information dissemination and knowledge creation regarding veganism as a dietary choice and lifestyle in addition to addressing all topics of relevance for the sustenance of human life and livelihood, being particularly motivated by the present dilemma, in which most of the earth’s population are reliant on non-vegan dietary regimens, thus not only highly reliant on animal-origin nutrient sources but also being dependent on inferior quality nutrients for the fulfilment of their bodies’ nutrient needs, for the sustenance of their life energies.

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