Authentic Veganism

Authentic Veganism

The Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life

(ISSN 2519-5905)


Authentic Veganism: The Journal for Macrobiotic Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life

Authentic Veganism:
The Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life

(ISSN 2519-5905)

A scientific periodical of the Authentic Vegan Organisation that is dedicated to information dissemination and knowledge creation regarding veganism as a dietary choice and lifestyle, in addition to addressing all topics of relevance for the sustenance of human life and livelihood from the perspective of authentic macrobiotic veganism. This journal’s establishment was motivated by the present dilemma, in which most of the earth’s population is reliant on non-vegan dietary regimes, following in essence diets and life energy vitalisation methods that are highly reliant on animal-origin nutrient sources that contain inferior quality nutrients for the fulfillment of human bodies’ nutrient needs, for the sustenance of human life energies.

Authentic vegan organisation publishes this journal on continual basis. Given that path-breaking original research is published in this scientific periodical by a pioneering macrobiotic vegan research scientist Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä, all subscriptions to this journal are donations by essence. The individuals, institutions as well as medical practitioners and institutions that subscribe to the scientific periodicals published by Authentic Vegan organisation receive a scientific research donor status and mention from the global centre for macrobiotic vegan diet and lifestyle. The journal issues are delivered to the subscribers as soon as they are published.

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Volume 2
Authentic Veganism Volume 2(1) – New Dawn for Veganism
Authentic Veganism Volume 2(2) – The Status of Vitamin D
Authentic Veganism Volume 2(3-4) – The Focus on Vitamin D
Authentic Veganism Volume 2(5) – The Case of Vegan Vitamin D

Volume 1
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(1) – An Introduction
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(2) – News, Science and Conclusions
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(3) – Individual Impact and the Authentic Vegan Response
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(4) – A Critique of German Nutrition Society’s Position
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(5) – Scientific Biases and Limitations
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(6) – The Case of Vitamin B12
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(7) – Insights and Lessons from Criticism
Authentic Veganism Volume 1(8) – Conclusions

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