Opposite Sides of a Coin: Unifying the Development Theories of Dependence and Imperialism

Opposite Sides of a Coin: Unifying the Development Theories of Dependence and Imperialism

by Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä, Chief Scientist at Authentic Vegan Consulting


The analysis provided in this contribution unifies the seemingly diametrical Marxist influenced theories of development and imperialism by Frank and Warren by showing that they are two related theories that seek to theorise about a similar phenomenon, although they do so through distinct theoretical realms that pertain to different country perspectives, low income developing economies and more developed economies, respectively. These theories extend the theoretical knowledge on development and growth across countries in a relevant manner from the Marxist dimension and perspective, placing thus a greater emphasis on the potential political dynamics and consequences associated with the process of development and growth.

This unique scientific publication is released to the global market as the sixth contribution in the Classical Science Monographs -series, which contains academically valuable contributions by Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä that bear undeniable relevance for the advancement of the humanity globally.

Publication information

Author: Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä
eBook: 114 pages
Publisher: Authentic Vegan Publishing (April 4, 2020)
Language: English
ISSN: 2669-9192
ISBN: 978-952-7376-54-6
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 in (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
eBook Format: PDF (Kindle compatible with enhanced navigation features)

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