New Releases – Classical Science Monographs

Classical Science Monographs (ISSN 2669-9192)

This monograph series consists of academically valuable, high quality contributions by Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä that bear undeniable relevance for the advancement of the humanity globally.

2. Essays on Economic Development and Growth
3. Classical Method of Economic Analysis and the Contemporary Relevance of Classical Economics
4. Kansantaloustieteen analyysin klassinen menetelmä ja sen nykyaikainen merkitys
5. On Classical Method of Economic Analysis and its Contemporary Relevance: Kansantaloustieteen klassisesta menetelmästä ja sen nykyaikaisesta merkityksestä
6. Opposite Sides of a Coin: Unifying the Development Theories of Dependence and Imperialism
7. Explaining Growth Failures: On the Impact of Natural Resource Endowments
8. A Quest for a Cause for Failing Growth: An Econometric Investigation of Resource Curse
9. On Classical Foundations of Endogenous Growth: Allyn Young and the Early Development Theory
10. Sobre fundamentos clásicos del crecimiento endógeno: Allyn Young y la teoría precoz del desarrollo
11. Sur des Fondements classiques de la Croissance endogène: Allyn Young et la théorie précoce du développement
12. Sobre Fundamentos Clássicos do Crescimento Endógeno: Allyn Young e a teoria precoce do desenvolvimento
13. Sulle fondamenta classiche della crescita endogena: Allyn Young e la teoria precoce dello sviluppo

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