Macrobiotic Veganism: The Scientific Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Issues, Human Rights and the Advancement of Humanity

Macrobiotic Veganism

The Scientific Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Issues, Human Rights and the Advancement of Humanity

(ISSN 2519-996X)


Macrobiotic Veganism is a scientific journal designed to serve as a reliable contemporaneous scientific reference and a publication outlet for valuable knowledge concerning essential aspects of macrobiotic veganism as a dietary choice and lifestyle along with all topics of relevance for human rights and the advancement of humanity in the universe. The articles published in Macrobiotic Veganism are unified by their objective of providing comprehensive original research-based knowledge extensions of utmost relevance for humans, human life and its surroundings, featuring thus informative analyses and discussions on the existing debates, prevailing controversies and issues germane not only concerning macrobiotic veganism as a diet and lifestyle in particular but also regarding veganism as a human dietary preference and lifestyle in general. This scientific periodical Macrobiotic Veganism also serves as a publication outlet for innovative and original knowledge relevant for the essential aspects of human life and livelihood, such as human rights and the advancement of humanity, along with all topics of essence for the existence of life from the vantage point of divine creation and intelligent design methodology and perspective.

This first volume of this new scientific journal publication of The Authentic Vegan Group is appropriately launched containing a cohesive group of articles, belonging to the series titled On Critical Positions against Veganism, which establish veganism as dietary choice fully endowed with a capacity and viability of necessary nutrient provision for humans. The impetus and motivation for writing this set of articles along with their ultimate objective are uniform in their nature in their aim to provide a conclusive reply and an answer to skeptics and other individuals espousing critical views and doubts regarding the viability of veganism as a dietary choice for humans, doubting particularly its capacity of providing all essential nutrients and nutritional compounds deemed important for the physiological functioning of the human body, quintessentially, for the process of human life energy vitalisation.

The first issue of the second volume of this journal is dedicated to featuring Macrobiotic Vegan Nutritional Tables that contain essential dietetic reference information for nearly two hundred macrobiotic vegan qualifying nourishment plants for close to forty or more nutrients or other dietarily essential compounds, being in essence an essential dietary reference issue that enables supplement free macrobiotic vegan dieting.

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