On Critical Positions against Veganism

On Critical Positions against Veganism: A Discussion Article Series


From observing the historical perceptions and the general climate against veganism, while also considering the essence of the topic at hand, the existential purpose of nutritional science as a field of science in its entirety can be understood as being the revealing of the fact that veganism is the only appropriate nourishment regimen for humans. Therefore, the present reality, in which most of the earth’s population are reliant on non-vegan dietary regimens, in fact on those regimes that are highly reliant on animal-origin nutrient sources, being thus dependent on inferior quality nutrients for the fulfillment of their bodies’ nutrient needs, for the sustenance of their life energies, a true humanitarian emergency can be considered to be present, especially since those authorities and fields of science most responsible for educating general populace are blind to and even neglecting the heart of the matter.

These scientific articles listed below, motivated by this present dilemma, collected together under the heading On Critical Positions against Veganism, published in Authentic Veganism: The Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life, form the position of authentic macrobiotic veganism, commonly known as authentic veganism, on the topic at hand and have been published for the benefit of the vegan population around the world by the Authentic Vegan Organisation as a part of its nouveau journal  Authentic Veganism during the fall-winter seasons of 2016 under the following titles:

On Critical Positions against Veganism 1: An Introduction
On Critical Positions against Veganism 2: News, Science and Conclusions
On Critical Positions against Veganism 3: Individual Impact and the Authentic Vegan Response
On Critical Positions against Veganism 4: A Critique of the German Nutrition Society’s Position
On Critical Positions against Veganism 5: Scientific Biases and Limitations
On Critical Positions against Veganism 6: The Case of Vitamin B12
On Critical Positions against Veganism 7: Insights and Lessons from Criticism
On Critical Positions against Veganism 8: Conclusions


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