World Poetry Series – Call for Submissions

To anticipate the nearing of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, for the benefit of human life and livelihood around the world, Authentic Vegan Publishing announces

World Poetry Series

Authentic Vegan Publishing is pleased to present its new publication initiative titled World Poetry Series to promote quality literary arts contributions that enlighten the humanity by universally elevating the importance of the respect and appreciation of human rights around the world.

World Poetry Series is projected to be an ongoing publication series of books that contain a collection of literary arts contributions, quintessentially being a high quality selection of original works of poetry of poets around the world.

The poems that qualify into this special global publication series address and problematize in lyrical form selected issues of relevance for the human life and livelihood as well as the liberty and continuance of human being and existence in the world and the universe as a whole. Essentially, the topics and issues that qualify into this global literary arts series address issues and conform with the values outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Consequently, World Poetry Series by Authentic Vegan Publishing is a publication initiative that celebrates and seeks to fortify this fundamental human rights document’s validity in free literary arts fashion for the benefit of the humanity as well as for the future generations of humans around the world.

While the main publication language of the poetry contributions is projected to be English, poetic work submissions in various other languages, such as Aragonese, Asturian, Castilian, Catalan, Chinese, simplified and traditional, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Occitan and Portuguese are also considered. Naturally, the final publishing decision in each language is made based on the total number of quality submissions received, meaning that World Poetry Series seeks to use a single publication language in each book published. This policy has been chosen to the ease of classification, cataloguing as well as marketing of the poetic collection around the world’s literary arts markets.

The proceeds of the books sales that this initiative generates are dedicated to fund the promotion of human life and livelihood and its continuance in this world. Essentially, for the Authentic Vegan organisation, given its dedication to disseminate information concerning the most proper ways and means to vitalise human life energy as well as to resource human life, the proceeds go to funding its ongoing research and publication initiatives that promote the most appropriate ways and means to fuel human body, mind and spirit, most notably via the reliance on plant nourishment sources as well as human life resources that are endowed with an existential purpose of human nourishment as well as life resource provision.

The authors, who desire and qualify to participate in this novel publication initiative, dedicated for the benefit of the humanity, designed to celebrate the forthcoming 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, essentially agree and seek to endorse through their literary arts contribution submissions and work the value base framework outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Submission guidelines

Qualifying original poetry submissions are encouraged to be submitted to the World Poetry Series by sending them as an email attachment that is a MS Word 2007 compatible document. The poems are expected to be formatted in 12 pt Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. Each contribution is requested to be submitted in the exact word lining considered as the most appropriate, the most desired for the poetic contribution given its literary rhythm and form. Since the emphasis of the contributions to be published is on the quality, the exact nature of the content and the linguistic form of expression, there are no length restrictions. For multiple page submissions, however, adding the page numbering is requested. Moreover, the submission should be accompanied by a sentence or two describing the context of the poem, highlighting its relevance for the human rights, in addition to which it should be accompanied by a brief biography of the poet, which details his or her region of origin.

Authors are instructed to send their World Poetry Series submissions to the email address: The submission fee to cover the review and editorial costs of the publisher is 100 HKD (circa 11 euros) per poem submitted. Given the quality and content emphasis, multiple submissions of qualifying poems are allowed. At the time of submission, the submission fee must be paid via paypal to or via the credit card payment option on the submission information page. In each submission payment, kindly indicate the title(s) of the poem(s), the name of the author and the date of submission. Those authors who have access to neither of these payment possibilities are encouraged to contact the organisation by sending an email to to inquire information about possible alternatives.

Acceptance terms of conditions

If a poem submitted is accepted to be published in the World Poetry Series, it is assumed that at the time of submission, the author has agreed to render to the right of publication to Authentic Vegan Publishing, meaning that the poet allows the publication of his or her original literary arts work by the publisher. This means that the poet after submitting his or her literary arts contribution to be reviewed by the World Poetry Series editorial staff agrees not to seek its publication elsewhere, i.e. in a competing publication outlet, before receiving the publication decision. The publication decisions of poems are sought to be completed within one week of paid submission.

Qualifying World Poetry Series authors are expected to purchase at least one copy of the book that contains their poem. This book is either

(1) a dustjacket hardcover edition, priced generally around 49 euros plus shipping and handling costs,

(2) an imagewrap hardcover edition, priced general around 47 euros plus shipping handling costs or

(3) a softcover edition priced generally around 39 euros plus shipping and handling costs.

Furthermore, authors are requested to encourage their local libraries and other institutions as well as all interested individuals in their social and intellectual surroundings to acquire a copy in order to promote their professionalism on the field of literary arts, to enhance their professional recognition and standing within their social and professional surroundings.

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