Authentic Pumpkin Pie: On the Origin of Pumpkin and the Pie

Authentic Pumpkin Pie: On the Origin of Pumpkin and the Pie

by Maiju Torriatte

This book provides some general background information for one of the most cherished American desserts, the traditional pumpkin pie, after which it discusses the origins of pumpkins as a source of human nourishment, while also presenting authentic macrobiotic vegan recipe variants for preparing wholesome and nutritious pumpkin pies, whether for the general enjoyment of family gatherings or to be served as the grand finale of the Thanksgiving festival dinner table. The detailed and easy macrobiotic vegan recipes are supplemented by an appendix that provides tables displaying standard nutritional value content information in daily value calculated format for winter squashes and pumpkin seeds, in addition to culinary conversion tables.

Publication information

Hardcover, paperback and eBook: 74 pages
Publisher: Authentic Vegan Publishing (October 17, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-38-950214978-1-38-950211-8 (hardcover dustjacket/imagewrap), 978-1-38-950209-5 (paperback), 978-1-38-730133-1 (eBook)
Product Dimensions: 5 x 8 in (13 x 20 cm)
eBook format: PDF (Kindle compatible)

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