Historical Grammar of the Language of the Félibres – the latest Divine Classics release

The latest new release, Historical Grammar of the Language of the Félibres: The Grammar of Rhodanian by Eduard Koschwitz and Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä, is presented to the global market by Authentic Vegan Publishing, which has released a revised version of this historically valuable manuscript as a part of its Divine Classics -books series. Given this manuscripts originality and value, it is conjointly published with its English language translation, and thus, this global market release involves the release of two different books, which are the revised version of the French language original, in addition to an English translation of the revised edition of the Rhodanian language grammar by Eduard Koschwitz published in 1894.

The original manuscript contains many historical clarifications on the Rhodanian language together with the most pertinent details of its orthographic rules, being essentially a unique linguistic manuscript that historically can be considered as the most fundamental and complete grammatical reference on the Provençal language variant that predominates around the geographic area of Avignon. Moreover, these newly published editions contain a wealth of additional linguistic information, such as the pertinent lexical specifics concerning the orthography of the words, which essentially enables these references’ contemporary use and applicability in learning and using the Rhodanian language.

These exceptional and precious grammatical references on the Rhodanian language are a part of the the Divine Classics -book series launched by the Authentic Vegan Publishing, in which high-quality, historically renowned manuscripts, essentially their corrected and edited versions, are published with the specific intent of ensuring that the genuine intellectual jewels of the humanity are not forgotten and lost from the human memory.

For more information on this newly published Rhodanian language reference, Historical Grammar of the Language of the Félibres: The Grammar of Rhodanian by Eduard Koschwitz and Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä, by Authentic Vegan Publishing, please visit the Authentic Vegan website or follow this hypertext link.

While these unique Rhodanian language linguistic references are in French and English, Authentic Vegan Publishing is also going to release the official Rhodanian language translations of its basic dietary reference Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference, in orthographically two distinct editions, one that follows the Mistralian orthography and another that conforms to the classical standard, or what may also be considered as a more modernised spelling regime.

These recent Rhodanian language releases of the Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables are a part of an ongoing project of the Authentic Vegan Organisation, which seeks to ensure that the most essential information concerning human life and livelihood is available for all humans around the world. In the course of this project, while the English language version of the basic dietary reference, Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference was released in November 2016, in March 2017, Authentic Vegan Publishing published this same dietary reference in simplified and traditional Chinese languages, while in April, May, June, July, August, September, October and December, the respective releases of Portuguese, French, Italian, Castilian, Catalan, Galician, Asturian and Languedocian languages followed. Furthermore, in March 2018, the Occitan language publications were extended to contemporary Provençal and Nicardian, a publication endeavour that soon offers also the Mistralian and Classical Rhodanian editions to the global market.

More information concerning the Authentic Vegan Publishing releases is provided on the Authentic Vegan website.

The newly released Rhodanian language reference by Authentic Vegan Publishing, Historical Grammar of the Language of the Félibres: The Grammar of Rhodanian is available for purchase directly from Authentic Vegan, Consulting and Publishing organisation.

The electronic edition’s direct download, delivery cost free, purchase option is available from Authentic Vegan Download Store. All Authentic Vegan eBook releases are convenient transportable full print publication comparable eBook references in PDF-file format, which is compatible with most common smartphone book readers. Moreover, some selected contributions are also available in EPUB-format.

To purchase these books from Authentic Vegan Download Store, use the buttons below.Purchase « Grammaire Historique de la Langue des Félibres : La Grammaire du Rhodanien ».
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