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The Authentic Vegan organisation and its Founder are searching for a new home nation. This home nation is civilised and human rights respecting, preferably in the Asian region and known for its martial arts heritage since the ancient times. Should you be such a nation, or rather an influential bureaucrat or otherwise capable person working in this area in a qualifying nation, please feel free to contact the Authentic Vegan and its Founder. Her contact information is +39 345 468 8679 (phone with WhatsApp), maiju.perala@gmail.com and maiju.perala@studium.unict.it.

To aid in establishing a secure home for Authentic Vegan, you may make a conventional currency donation by using this link or the below QR codes.

Cryptocurrency donations may be made via the donations page that is linked here.

QR code connections page also provides you an opportunity to donate and the donation QR codes may also be found at the right side panel of the site pages along with the footer of each page.

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Should you desire more details on how to donate to Authentic Vegan, do not hesitate to contact the Founder and CEO via phone and WhatsApp and/or ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Maiju Johanna Perala-Torriatte at ResearchGate Maiju Johanna Perala-Torriatte at LinkedIn
Maiju at ResearchGate Maiju at LinkedIn
Dr. Maiju Johanna Perala
@+39 345 468 8679 (with WhatsApp)



Authentic Vegan’s Founder gives an opportunity for those international investors that had participated in planning and/or did repeatedly target her with international investment and employment opportunities, via which they scammed her from her financial security. You may use the below button to pay her back the money you stole.

Pay Recovery Funds here

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