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Authentic Vegan accepts donations for the purpose of betterment and preservation of human life.

Authentic Vegan is a private organisation established by the macrobiotic vegan scientist, who has defined and coded authentic macrobiotic veganism, essentially the dietary regimen that defines how humans based on their physiological needs are intended to fuel their life energies.

Supporting Authentic Vegan via Donations

Your monetary support enables Authentic Vegan to continue producing and disseminating valuable information for the purpose of betterment and preservation of human life. In real terms, it enables conducting valuable, independent and objective research on human nutrition and health along with providing guidance on all topics of essence for the humanity and its future.

You may also support Authentic Vegan by purchasing some of its valuable references that it has produced on authentic macrobiotic veganism, the world’s healthiest diet, designed exclusively for human life energy vitalisation, enhancement and maintenance in various languages. Furthermore, you may subscribe and/or solicit your local libraries and research institutions to purchase Authentic Vegan books or to subscribe to the following scientific periodicals published by The Authentic Vegan Group:

Authentic Veganism: The Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life (ISSN 2519-5905)

Macrobiotic Veganism: The Scientific Journal for Macrobiotic Vegan Issues, Human Rights and the Advancement Humanity (ISSN 2519-996X)

Your support guarantees that the most balanced perspective on the most vital issues for human life and the future of humanity is retained at the global level in a manner that continually respects the values endowed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through the globe covering multilingual research conducted by The Authentic Vegan Group.

Authentic Vegan organisation’s formation was motivated by the desire to provide the humanity the most accurate information on how human life energy should be vitalised, enhanced and maintained through nourishment intake. Essentially, this objective requires continual correction of the prevailing biases present in the scientific knowledge and general understanding on human nutrition and health along with all fields of science that investigate issues of relevance for human life. Essentially, this means ongoing eradication of misconceptions present in the fields of nutritional and medical science through objective research contributions that provide a balanced and scientifically justified perspective to communicate to the scientific research community as well as to the global public as whole.

Presently, as has largely been since the origin of human life on earth, the most notable common cause of mortality for humans around the world is inappropriate dietary intake due to misinformed habits and practices, which when being a prolonged state promotes chronic ailments and premature aging, which decay human life.

Donations to promote the cause of Authentic Vegan may be submitted via the direct donate option provided below.

Should you desire to make a donation via direct deposit, you may access the bank transfer payment details available via this hyperlink or the QR slider below. In the course of your donation, you may also indicate a specific topic that you desire to fund, in order to have authentic macrobiotic vegan perspective provided for this world.


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To inquire about Authentic Vegan and its ongoing research and publishing projects, in addition to requesting bank account details for the donations, you may indicate your interest by using the contact information venues:
Maiju Johanna Perala-Torriatte at ResearchGate Maiju Johanna Perala-Torriatte at LinkedIn
Maiju at ResearchGate Maiju at LinkedIn
Dr. Maiju Johanna Perala @+39 347 049 0277 (with WhatsApp)
Maiju at +393470490277

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