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Advice, guidance and research on health, nutrition and lifestyle, agriculture and food industry, economic and social development, consumer product design development and markets, entertainment industry, science and technology as well as all imaginable and unimaginable issues relevant for human life.


Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle

Consulting on food preparation and culinary methods along with all essential lifestyle issues based on the principles of authentic macrobiotic veganism, an exclusive diet regime for humans, designed to support the quality, health and longevity of life. Customer-specific consulting is provided via online-consultation following authentic macrobiotic vegan diet and lifestyle philosophy and principles with the objective of maximising the purity of life energy and vitality by relying on cleanly created sources of human nourishment.

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Agriculture and Food Industry Development

Agriculture and food industry development consulting from the divine creation and intelligence design methodology and perspective for the advancement of humanity by providing fundamentals for a lasting and real production improvement in a manner that is in harmony with the earth’s ecology and its capacity to sustain human life.

Economic and Social Development

Economic and social development consulting based on true economic fundamentals, which comprehensively confirm to the necessities of humanity’s infinite future. Economic development and growth consulting based on a comprehensive development and growth economics framework and advanced economics research, which emphasize endogenous, domestic market and standards of living improving ecologically sustainable development and growth, while not forgetting the necessary realities and relevant considerations required to retain business and industry profitability.

Consumer Product Design and Markets

Consumer product design and development consulting in a comprehensive manner that optimises the consumer benefit along with business profitability. Consumer product design and development consulting capable of unifying the highest level product quality, durability, functionality along with aesthetic functionality and appeal without sacrificing the necessary financial and environmental considerations that support quality, health and longevity of human life.

Entertainment Industry

Consulting for the entertainment industry actors in a manner that matters for the humanity’s future and its well-being. Consulting, research and development, editing, premarket screening and reviews along with market projections and analysis for dramatic arts, movie and music industry products and projects.

Science and Technology

Research and development along with product innovation and development consulting for science and technology sector agents. Innovative research-based consulting for businesses, organisations, advanced scientific research institutions as well as educational establishments on issues of relevance for the fields of science and technology along with the product development and innovations associated with them.


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