New Global Market Release – Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference now available in French

Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference, the globally most comprehensive dietetic reference for vegan, vegetarians as well as anyone consuming vegetables on a regular basis, has just been released to the global market as a second French language edition, being an updated French language translation of the relatively recently released third edition of this essential English language dietetic reference. The release of this edition was motivated by some corrections and certain omissions and errors found in the previous edition, in addition to which the author, Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä, considered it a useful way to provide some basic guidance on how to apply and use the nutritional tables’ contained information in personal dietary planning on an ongoing basis.

In this second edition, in addition to some minor corrections to few nutritional information series, nutritional content information for corn, dried daikon, sunroot, white icicle radish and zante currant have been added. Moreover, the nutritional content information provided for non-raw vegan qualified nourishment items are identified, to facilitate the use of this reference as a raw vegan dieting guide. A further addition in this edition is a section that provides information on how to use the daily value calculated dietary information. Basically, relevant supplementary information on how to apply the nutritional content information provided for dietary planning has also been also added, in addition to which some pertinent supplementary statistics are provided in the appendix.

Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference is a basic macrobiotic vegan dieting guide that seeks to be as complete as possible to enable supplement free vegan dieting on a daily basis. It contains comparable daily value calculated dietetic information for authentic vegan qualified plant-origin nourishment, enabling the following and implementing of vegan diet the easiest, healthiest and most natural manner possible, with an objective of genuinely facilitating supplement free dieting with confidence.

This second edition of Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference is a specialised eBook release that has enhanced navigation features to enable its readability and use in eBook readers. Those individuals, who desire to have print book editions of this edition, are recommended to contact Authentic Vegan Publishing by using the contact form below.

As is the case with the previous editions, Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference belongs to the Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables -publication series (ISSN 2670-0662), being by its essence an upgraded edition of its first release. Given that this publication is a revised version of a previously published edition, it is the most recent version of this essential dietetic guide that replaces the previously released French language first edition of this book.

Publication information
Author: Dr. Maiju Johanna Perälä
eBook: 198 pages
Publisher: Authentic Vegan Publishing (July 20, 2019)
Language (Edition): French (Second Edition — translation of the third English language edition)
ISSN: 2670-0662
ISBN: 978-952-7376-05-8 (PDF with enhanced navigation)
Product Dimensions: 5 x 8 in (13 x 20 cm)

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About Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables (ISSN 2670-0662)
Authentic Vegan Nutritional Tables: An Essential Dietary Reference is a basic macrobiotic vegan dieting guide that has been made available in different languages. Follow this link to view the published editions.
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