Authentic Macrobiotic Veganism: The Dietary Concept

Macrobiotic veganism, popularly coined as authentic veganism or authentic macrobiotic veganism, distinguishes itself from standard interpretations and practices of veganism most fundamentally by its value emphasis that emphasizes the rights of humans for most appropriate nourishment given the nutritional requirements of their bodies’ physiology, which forms the primary reason for this dietary regimen’s formation, a clear distinction from the standard vegan perspective, practice and value emphasis that rely primarily on the rights of animals as living beings.

As a dietary regimen macrobiotic veganism is a specialised form of vegan dieting that relies purely on plant-origin nourishment, which existential purpose can conclusively be identified as human nourishment provision, a quality that is scientifically evidenced by the nutritional value and phytochemical content of each nourishment plant in conjunction with their creation histories and origins.

Authentic macrobiotic veganism by its essence defines the optimal dietary regimen for humans given their creation origin, not only by relying on the existing scientific evidence, but also by using and applying all available information of relevance concerning humans and their livelihood in its application of the divine creation and intelligent design methodology and principles.

The Authentic Vegan Group

The Authentic Vegan Group is formed by the Authentic Vegan.org, Authentic Vegan Consulting and Authentic Vegan Publishing entities, all of which seek to improve the quality of human life through knowledge creation and extension based on the divine creation and intelligent design scientific approach and perspective applied to all relevant aspects of human life and livelihood.

The Group publishes valuable knowledge, its creative work and research findings, via the Authentic Vegan Publishing company and makes its products and publications available directly through its online store, in addition to which selected eBook publications of The Group are sold through the organisation’s Lulu Spotlight online bookstore.

For the benefit of the existence and continuance of human life, below hypertext links provide direction to pages that contain the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in selected Authentic Vegan, Consulting and Publishing publication languages:

Ihmisoikeuksien julistus

Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights




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